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By the age of 25, the skin begins to face a watershed: premature aging ~ wrinkles begin to appear and deepen, the skin begins to relax and age. The main causes of aging are: collagen reduction; loss of dermis transparent acid; facial cellulite relaxation, sag, shift. Skin care only acts on the epidermis, and the process of reaching the epidermis evaporates 60-70% in the air. Is there any way to fundamentally solve the skin loose, dry, drooping, wrinkles?

Lipohifu slimming machine

HIFU, that is high-intensity focused ultrasonic is a non-invasive technology for the aging of SMAS fascia. Ultrasound energy is used to penetrate the subcutaneous to fascia layer (SMAS) deeply to enhance the firming effect and eliminate the excess fat, shaping the facial contour.

What advantages of HIFU technology?

1. Enhance, firm, tighten, remove wrinkles, one-stop facial rejuvenation

2. non-invasive, no trace, no pain to improve wrinkles, sagging skin

3. Full activation of collagen regeneration, the skin collagen itself sufficient, full cells

4. Treatment is simple and fast, as you go

5 without any recovery period, done to resume daily life

6. fight against aging, reverse the age


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