The advantages of 3D hifu treatment

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3D HIFU is the newest technology in the beauty industry, which make a greatly different from the general HIFU. Although the theory doesn’t change, both non-invasive, using Ultrasound to reach the SMARS, and achieve the treatment about lifting face lifting and body slimming. It improves your skin just through once treatment.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

The advantages of the 3D HIFU:

1.Anti-aging: facelift, tighten skin, remove crow's feet and fine lines, Eliminate wrinkles etcs.

2.Neck treatment: removal neck wrinkles, Neck anti-aging.

3.Body shaping: body slim and tighten the skin, easily achieve the S shape body firming.

4. Friendly intelligent touch operating, which can save 5 modes treatment data.

5.More treatment areas: face, neck, arm, thigh, waist and abdomen.

6.The 3D technology is non-invasive and effective, greatly shorten the treatment time.

3D HIFU gives you new experiences !


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